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Friday Wrap-up – Veteran’s Day

It’s Friday, the perfect day for some Veteran’s Day inspired internet stuff…

Not in my job description …

no link here today, just my thoughts. The businessmen and women of Sept. 11th who were just showing up for work that day, or just boarding a plane to make a meeting…were just doing their jobs. A description I’m sure, that they would have not signed up for had they known what was to come. Our military men and women who responded also lost lives, but for a job that they knew exactly what the risks were. Maybe some went in a little naïve, hoping to get a free education, respect from their parents or a new start in their lives. But many knew exactly what they were taking on. Both of my grandfathers served in World War II.

One of my brothers was in the Army during Desert Storm, another is currently enlisted in the Marines. The latter is out on medical leave, injured during a raid in Iraq, awaiting yet another of multiple surgeries. To hear some of the stories he has brought back, would break anyone’s heart. One wonders, has he become hardened? To speak of things with such ease, familiarity? I think he’s had to become hard to survive, otherwise who could emotionally process everything and still come out of it sane? But really, he is still the brother that I know he was before. Just..a little different. A little fiercer pride in his country and his fellow Marines, a little (lot) more worn physically from his battles, a little tougher emotionally because of what he has seen. But he is still my brother. And he not only knew of his job description as a Marine, he anticipated it with pride and carried it out with courage and endurance, despite the obstacles…for a cause that he believed in and that was greater than himself.

This could describe any number of military men and women, past and present. So how about..not just today..but every day that you see someone in uniform, shake their hand. Tell them thank you. Whether you agree with the decisions made by leadership or not, you still can respect those that are sacrificing their lives, health and families for your sake.

Why do we … observe Veterans Day?

Make your house pretty … or someone else’s…Millions of US Veterans are in need of repairs and adaptations to their homes, support them here.

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 And on this day in History

1918World War I ends

1942Draft age is lowered to 18 during World War II, however blacks are still passed over for the draft

1967 – VietCong release US prisoners of war