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Pumpkin seeds are NOT like Sunflower seeds..or they might be

Pumpkin seeds are pretty tasty when toasted to perfection. My husband would disagree. This tradition of mine has not carried over well to the “us” of our post-vow holidays. This is our second Halloween married. Last year the kids and I skipped the whole pumpkin thing. I’m not sure why, I don’t remember very much of anything well. I’m guessing I was too busy and tired from working full time for my regular job, and working part time for the church. (which really is like working 2 full time jobs since working part time for the church counts for more hours because then you’re all “doing more than you should” like “what would Jesus do”). But this year, Momma only has ONE job! Well, plus I’m Momma..which is like..it’s very own job/blog topic. But today I won’t go there.  So this year we bought pumpkins. My son and I gutted them which is WAY more fun than the actual carving process. Carving =  frustration +  a very sharp knife held by a frustrated clumsy Mom. Not a good combo.  After the seeds were collected and rinsed, it was time to lay them out to dry. A few hours later we come back, gather them all into a bowl and start the seasoning process. My son wanted to add hot sauce (he read my mind), but then we remembered my husband doesn’t like hot things. Except for me, of course. So we just had to use regular boring spices. After toasting them in the oven, we pulled them out for a taste test. I was excited to share this tradition with my husband so I called him into the kitchen. This was probably not a good idea since he was watching football and coming into the kitchen made him already not like whatever it was that I was calling him into the kitchen for. So anyway, he sits down and I pick out a couple of really good looking seeds and wait expectantly while he pops them in his mouth. Then, I kid you not, he SPITS OUT THE SHELL CASING.

 Me: “Umm, WHAT are you doing?? You are ruining the experience here!”

Him: “Aren’t you supposed to shell it?”

Me: “NO, you are NOT”

Him: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Some people do, but most just eat the whole thing, it’s good for you!”

Him:  eyeing the next one in his hand “Are you sure?”

Me: “yes, just try it..eat the whole thing”

 So then he tries it..but apparently his tongue overruled his brain and spit the casing out. I was frustrated with his stubbornness.

 Me: rolling my eyes “really? You’re just going to keep spitting it out like that?”

Him: “Isn’t it just like sunflower seeds? You peel those when you eat them”

Me: (thinking…umm..I don’t peel sunflower seeds. I eat the shell and all. It’s tasty and crunchy..but then he’ll  question my judgment with the pumpkin seeds) “uhh…yeah..but you don’t peel a pumpkin seed, it has fiber..it’s good for you”

Him: “Well, that’s weird”

Me: “YOU’RE weird”

Him: “I’m going back to watch the game.”

Me: “Fine, more for me”

 At least the kids and I like them. Though now I’m really wondering about this whole “shelling” thing. Are we supposed to be shelling it? Because that’s a lot of work and the whole experience would be a wash. At least now I know next year we can put the hot sauce on them.