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Are Christians embracing the LGBT community?

I agree with most of what this article says..though for a full ACCEPTANCE of LGBT to happen from the Christian community is quite different. Agreeing that a person who is LGBT is still a person (of course they are) or that they need protection from bullying (again, of course they do) goes without saying. Even loving them as children of God I would dare say ALL of Christians should hold this bibilical stance. Where the line is drawn for most is the acceptance part. There is a difference between “I’ll love and embrace you and oh, here’s a pamphlet on how to pray away the gay” and full acceptance. Of course that’s where you get the different interpretations of different bible verses. But for the most part..a good article. Just don’t be led into thinking the LGBT community has yet gained full acceptance from the church for who they are, who God created them to be.  Go read it. 🙂