Tattoo Barbie, Bastardino & My Dad’s Tat

“Sticker Tattoo” Barbie outrages parents

Oh come on, this is a surprise? Haven’t girls been putting stickers on Barbie (as tattoos) for ages? When I was young I wasn’t really into Barbie as much as I was “My Little Pony”.  They didn’t have a boy pony so I took the blue girl one and cut her hair really short so they could have weddings and dates and he/she could do guy stuff. Creating my own lesbian/transsexual pony is possibly more disturbing than a “tramp stamp” tattoo on Barbie’s back. Just saying…kids use their imaginations regardless of what the original product looks like. Maybe a permanently tattooed Barbie is a good idea. Instead of a sticker they can pull off..the kid is stuck with that on her back forever. Or until she/he gets tired of playing with Barbies. It is a more realistic example of inking yourself. Hey kids, real tattoos don’t just peel off at the end of the day…you’re stuck with it forever. Or until you can think of something slightly larger/darker to cover it up with. That’s what I want to see next…a Ken doll with a “I love Barbie” tattoo sloppily covered/corrected to say “I love Isabel” sloppily covered as a giant black rose. THAT would teach the kiddos. (shout out to my Dad who has the aforementioned black rose covering a woman’s name)

Permanently tattooed Barbies: 

 Harley Davidson Ken

Jacob (Twilight) Ken. Wasn’t the real Jacob about 3 shades darker than this? Come on, Mattel.

Amazonia Barbie – wow that’s a lot of tats. Umm..I’m pretty sure the “Tribal Amazonian Women” aren’t white skinned. I’m seeing a trend here.

Hard Rock Café Barbie

 Hard Rock Café #2 Barbie

Tokidoki Barbie 🙂 with cactus friend Bastardino…wow. Really? “Bastardino”? I don’t even know what to say to that. This is quite possibly the cutest Barbie I have ever seen..too bad her pet’s legitimacy is in question. Oh’s ok. He’s Italian  and, unfortunately, out of stock


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