but…it’s for the cancer people

E: I want one of those bracelets

Me: Which bracelets?

E: The ones that help out people with cancer

Me: Be more specific, please

E: You know, the ones that help people with cancer..and they’re pink

Me: You want a pink bracelet?

E: Yeah, it’s ok ‘cause it’s for the cancer people

Me: You are asking for the “I love boobies” bracelet? Are you kidding?

E: Yeah! That one!

Me: No

E: Why not? It helps people with cancer, don’t you want to help them?

Me: Yes, but not by letting my 3rd grader go to school with a bracelet that says “I love boobies”. It’s against school rules anyway.

E: Everyone has them, the school is okay with it

Me: Well, I’m not okay with it

E: Mom, I have to have one..like..ALL my friends have one

Me: Absolutely not. You are 8. Do you even know what boobies are?

E: I think so..and besides..it helps people with cancer

Me: Well, I think it is good to help people with cancer, but I’m not about to start sporting the “I love penises” bracelet

E: ew

Me: exactly

E: so…you’re saying I can’t get one? Pleeeaaassseeee…..

Me: I’m ignoring you now (turns up the radio)


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