Status Updates

Facebook is a wonderful social networking site. Really, it is. Unless you have friends like mine… (friends, you know I love you but you also know how corny you can be..and you’re putting this stuff on FB which basically makes it an easy target for public ridicule) This is what has been flooding my home page for the past two days: 

“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping that it kills the other person.” (posted by 6 different people)

“Unforgiveness is like drinking poison, a little every day, and waiting for the other person to die.” (posted by 3 different people)

“Unforgiveness is like stabbing yourself in the chest and hoping the other person feels pain.” (posted by 5 different people)

“Unforgiveness is like being in prison, watching the other person through the bars live their life.” (posted by 1 person)

“Unforgiveness is like being committed to prison, while the other person is free.” (posted by 1 person)


 We get it. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison/stabbing yourself/being in prison/being committed and hoping it kills the other person/waiting for them to die/hoping they feel pain/watching them be alive/they are free. We know!  Forgiveness = good. Unforgiveness = you die a slow painful death. And I get that “God forgave us of our sins so we must forgive others”. I know it is the mature, adult thing to do..this forgiveness stuff. But why must everyone insist on speaking in quotations? Status Updates do not have to sound intelligent or mind-bending..or even be remotely entertaining. There is pressure I think in this “status update” to be witty or intellectual or sarcastic or quotable. I guess that’s slightly better than the people who tell you everything they have had for dinner, and a complete history of their intestinal woes. And I don’t know..maybe that’s what status updates are for. But I like to think they are for awesome things like “a little sore today from climbing Mt. Everest” or “still working on that cure for the common cold” or “just about finished with the time machine, who’s up for a spin?”. Maybe that’s the problem, we don’t do enough awesome things. I’m off to google “awesome things to do on a budget” now…


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