Job Journey #1 cont.- What I learned from working at Red Top

* If you let someone talk to you as if you are worthless, they own you.

* The customer is not always right, and sometimes they are very rude. Don’t take it. Respectfully let them know you will not accept being treated that way.

* When you make a dipped cone and it falls in the chocolate sauce, it’s totally acceptable to reach in with your ungloved hand, retrieve it and set it back on the cone as if nothing happened.

* They had “shorthand” you HAD to write the order down in for the cooks. Even if you have time to write it out the long way, you HAVE to use the short hand code. This will always be stupid.

* Taco sauce is good on a grilled cheese sandwich when it’s free and you are broke and tired of eating grilled cheese sandwiches from the kids menu on your breaks.

* When you quit and the manager yells at you that “You will NEVER get a decent job with that attitude!”, chances are you will actually…find many more decent jobs with exactly that attitude.


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