Job Journey #2 – Long John Silver’s

(Insert cheesy pirate reference here)

Job #2 – Long John Silver’s

First I have to say the people here were awesome. The manager was incredibly kind, and still a good, fair leader. I worked here during my “I love animals more than people” phase of my life so I was really excited to learn they didn’t use animal fat to fry their food. Can’t remember what they DID actually use..but it wasn’t animal fat.

This place was ALWAYS hopping during lent, where else can you get fast food priced fish? Besides McD’s Filet-o-Fish of course (which is one of my favorite fast food sandwiches).  The line of Catholics would wind around the store and outside. Sometimes my job was to walk up and down the line taking orders when we were super busy. Sometimes I took orders at the register and encouraged them to “add on” a piece of shrimp, or corn on the cob or whatever. I was a beast at selling corn on the cob. Unfortunately, I never got to cook. Well..probably fortunately for everyone eating there. I’m not known  for my culinary skills even to this day. A definite perk to working there was we received 50% off our own break-time meals. Even with the great discount, I was still a broke teenager so most of my meals consisted of bowls of “crunchies”. (hence the 10 pounds of weight I gained) If you have never tried a crunchy from LJS…stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW. Really, quit reading this. Get up, get your car keys or call a cab and go to the nearest LJS. Order whatever you want but be sure to ask for crunchies with it. See, they used to add them to every plate (and lots of them) to make the plate look “fuller”. the days of scrimping and saving I guess even the crunchies felt the burn. Now you have to ask for them. 😦

I also really loved the self-serve sauces. Fried stuff just isn’t good unless it is drowning in cocktail sauce. And they little packets most places give you are NOT enough. LJS has the little pump so pretty much you can fill a bowl with the stuff if you want. (along with other, non-important condiments)

One of the down sides to working there was their mopping procedure. You had to mop the floor THREE times each night at closing. Once with hot soapy water, again with hot water…again with hot water. But it was always fun. We had a radio we would turn on once we locked the doors and we would jam to Warren G (and others) as we cleaned up. (REGULATORS!)

My mom was nervous about the fact that a few months before I started, they were robbed. Actually locked inside the freezer and robbed at gunpoint. But I figured..the odds were on my side. What were the chances of it happening again? Plus, they installed nifty little “unlock me” latches on the inside of the freezer. And added “come help me” buttons to everything, even had ones you could wear around your neck that would register with the police department. Not sure if they still have those or not.

So, good times at Long John Silver’s. Great people..but eventually one gets tired of smelling like grease and must move on….


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