Job Journey #1 – Red Top

Thinking back today on all of the jobs I’ve had so I thought it would be interesting (to me anyway, since I’m the only one who reads this anyway 😉 ) to go back and visit them again. And this is hard to do because I think I have THE worst memory ever.

Job #1 – Red Top

(Google resulted in ZERO images of an actual Red Top restaurant. I realize that this is a Texas thing…but come on! I promise you, there is a real chain of semi-edible food that goes by the name of “Red Top”. Their specialty: dipped frozen treats)

I think I worked there for about 5 months. The manager was quite possibly one of the worst human beings I’ve personally met. I was young and sassy (read: stupid). Bad combination. Lots of stories there. But, in the interest of keeping this family friendly I’ll proceed to the day I quit. My boyfriend was playing in a hockey game. wasn’t on real ice (local hardwood skating rink) and it wasn’t really a big deal..but I really wanted to go. He was pretty hot in his uniform. And I asked if I could leave 15 minutes early to make it. Manager said no. There weren’t any customers of course, and we weren’t expecting to be busy and while I should have respected his position and answer…I didn’t. Our convo:

Me: “Please can I go just this one time?”

Him: “I said no”

Me: “Then how about I just quit?” (takes off apron and walks out)

Him (yelling after me): “You’ll never get a decent job with that attitude!!”

My questions to you: Was he admitting the job he gave me wasn’t “decent”? “Did he really think I would never ever get another job? I was 16!”

I didn’t look back, and very quickly moved on to my next job… (and yes, the hockey game was totally worth it)


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