What is normal…they say of course that God sets that standard (this is what I personally believe) but what of the people who don’t believe in Him or do believe but don’t follow Him the way they should? What standard do they go by? That set by society? We all know how abnormal that all the name of political correctness. Don’t offend anyone! Give everyone a gold star!

No..some people are stupid, or messed up, or make bad choices. They do not get a gold star. Excessive, undeserved positive reinforcement perpetuates commonness. Hey I showed up, where is my star? See you next week. Why work hard? Why dream? It’s sad, really. Children aren’t taught to dream anymore. They are taught to fit in (gold stars! Normalcy!) or not fit in (which really is still fitting in, just a different crowd). They need to be taught dreams and fantasies and fairies and shining knights, and dark knights and dragons and unhappy endings. They need to know the lows to appreciate the highs. Know the hunger to appreciate the fullness. Know the dream for no other reason but that there is a dream. In this world, I pray my children are abnormal hungry dreamers.


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