The “why” of the blog…

Starting this came about because I got tired of perfection-based christianity. Not that God had anything to do with that – but it’s the direction a lot of Christians drift towards. They claim to love imperfect people, to want to help them come out of their mess and into a life with God. But they shy away from being REAL with each other. EVERYONE some time..with some thing…but some try to push that down into the darkness, covering it up with memorized bible verses and Sunday attendance records. It does no good there. There is no change there. ADMIT when you mess up! We love you more for it. ADMIT when you are wrong! We love you more for it. But most of all, quit trying to be someone else’s version of you.  Quit presenting yourselves as a higher order to be attained by the hard-working, self-deprecating masses. You are not anything more special than anyone else. My husband has a T-shirt that says “I’m just a beggar, telling another beggar where to find bread.”  Beggars, quit wearing purple robes to hide your tattered clothing. We see right through it anyway…

And, it helps me to get it out, even if no one ever reads it…


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