Judging Mercifully

I attended a funeral today. A co-worker was ill with the flu, then was better..then wasn’t…then had a heart attack. He was 52. And one of the most generous and optimistic people I know. Typical conversation:

Me: “Hey B, you know that super important data you needed to release the rail-car’s million dollar load? Umm..the data was bad”

B: “Hmm..ok that’s not great..but ok” and he would smile.

I wish I could be more like that, not let things take my joy so much, stay on that “even keel”. I’m blessed to have known someone like him. The father/pastor/priest (I don’t know the Catholic terms) said in one of the prayers “And may he be judged mercifully by Jesus”. I like that “judged mercifully”. I never thought to ask for mercy on someone’s soul. Either they were saved and were “in” or they weren’t and they were “out”. That THEY make that choice while they are here..that there is nothing for me to do on their behalf once they are gone. I forget the whole..standing in front of the gates and accounting for everything..thing.  So today my prayer is that his soul IS judged mercifully, as merciful as he was to everyone he encountered while he was here. Do I want to be judged the way that I judge here? Absolutely not. Now..off to work on being kinder and less quick to cut. Empathetic and compassionate. Patient and joyful.


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